Recover Well with Massage

Whether you have a work related injury that has pained you for years or musculoskeletal ailments, or simple stress or pulled muscles, Emily is happy and honored to be the one you come to for treatment.  She has worked with inspiring people with incredible stories of recovery from cancers or accidents who need massage to help with immunity or scar tissue. Throughout her career, she has been consistently finding a higher and higher respect for people and their trust in her services.

About Emily

As a single mom, Emily graduated from prestigious Whatcom Community College, with a Degree in the Science of Massage Practition, in the state of Washington in 2008.  She successfully opened her own Massage and Bodywork Studio a year later and her career in Massage began.  She loved meeting amazing people who each had a story she was able to help with.

When Emily married her husband, she also married into the military.  They grew our tiny family to include two more children but her work with massage didn’t end.  She began doing Massage in all different locations in the world  and for the next 8 years after, she continued to be inspired by her clients.  Many times and for many people, a massage is not about the muscles.  It is about the touch, the caring and the intentions of human contact.

Now Emily finds herself here in beautiful Williamsburg, Virginia, and is looking forward to meeting you.

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