Sport Psychology & Mental Training

Sport Psychology & Mental Training

Mental Training

Individual sessions help an athlete improve their mindset and deal with any psychological or emotional issues that may be impacting their performance, health, or well-being.  Team or group sessions are interactive, allowing coaches and athletes to learn both from our sport psychologists and from one another.  WISC Integrated Health and Performance will individualize each session for the client. We work to build a strong mindset that is not only applicable in sport, but also in many areas of life!

With Individual Mental Training You Will

  • Receive assistance in effective goal setting
  • Increase self confidence through self-talk techniques
  • Maintain a positive attitude through adversity or setbacks
  • Develop relaxation techniques for everyday life as well as performance/competition
  • Learn how to visualize skills and exercise techniques to improve performance

With Group Mental Training You Will

  • Improve the team’s ability to perform consistently and maximize potential
  • Increase the team’s capacity to overcome challenges and improve overall resilience
  • Foster team cohesion and use of effective communication skills
  • Develop leadership styles and ability to motivate others
  • Increase group and team awareness to foster change

Group Options Include

  • Interactive workshops
  • Team building sessions
  • Coach consultations
  • Mindset optimization seminars

Meet Our Consultants

  • Kai Laird

    Kai Laird

    Director of Integrated Health & Performance Center
  • Kacey Gibson

    Kacey Gibson

    Mental Performance Consultant & Nutrition Coach
  • Felix Yu

    Felix Yu

    Mental Performance Consultant
  • Tanner Biwer

    Tanner Biwer

    Mental Performance Consultant

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