Swim Lesson Levels
Swim Lesson Levels
To pass Beginner:
Skills: Be comfortable in the water, Submerge for at least 5 seconds with
or without assistance, jump in and go under then recover for air and roll
over to back for at least 5 seconds

To pass Intermediate:
Skills: Jump in and submerge then recover for air and pull forward on
either front or back then change direction and return to wall, Start in side,
glide with over arm pulls for 30ft using 1-2-3 breathe pattern

To pass Advance:
Skills: Swim freestyle for 25yds with extended body and consistent form,
Swim backstroke 25yds with straight arm recovery, body roll, and good
arm extensions
Swim Lesson Fees (per month)
1x week Member $45 / Non-Member $80
2x week (paired classes) Member $65 / Non-Member $105

July 2019 swim lesson schedule and online registration

Swim Lesson Level Assessment
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