Sr. Cheer Club
What will you get out of the Sr. Cheer Club? Supervised and hands-on instruction
for Cheer Tumbling under the direction of a certified instructor! High School aged athletes,
come practice your tumbling skills and make some new friends! You will learn new skills
to bring to your High School Cheer Team! All skill levels are welcome. We will progress
each athlete in a safe manner using progression or tumbling skills.
Meets Wednesday Evenings
Co-ed ages 12 years and up - $55 / month
2017 Sr. Cheer Club
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Special Motion Club
The Special Motion Club at WISC offers excellent opportunities for the growth and
development of children and young adults with special needs. We are dedicated to
assisting our students in physical activities designed to promote sensory integration,
strength skill acquisition, self-confidence, and body awareness. We offer classes
taught by our exceptional coaches who are specifically trained to work with the special
needs community.
Co-ed ages 3 to 13
Special Motion Information and Registration
Natalie Barnett, Director of Gymnastics and Dance at,
Gymnastics Academy Class Schedules
Term 1: January 1 – February 24
Term 2: February 26 – April 28
No classes April 2-7
Term 3: April 30 – June 23
No classes May 5 or May 28. Make up day is May 20.
Term 4: June 25 – August 18
No classes July 4 or August 11. Make up is July 15.
August 20 - August 25 Summer Break No Classes
Term 5: August 27 – October 20
No classes September 3. Make up day is September 16.
Term 6: October 22 – December 15
No classes October 31, November 10 or November 19-24.
Make up day is October 28
December 17 - January 1 Winter Break No Classes

Gymnastics Class Descriptions

Term 4 Class Online Registration Classes run June 25 - Aug 18
2018 Term 5 Online Registration Classes run Aug 27-Oct 20


WISC Gymnastics Mission
The WISC Gymnastics Center’s mission is to promote healthy habits and form a lasting love of fitness through the sport of gymnastics. It is our goal to provide a safe place for boys and girls to develop their natural abilities in an encouraging environment. We strive to offer the highest quality gymnastics, tumbling and cheerleading programs to the members that we serve. Confidence, self-esteem and discipline are all qualities that we wish to instill into our athletes. We have a state of the art facility with top of the line, competition quality equipment. We also offer a full line of preschool friendly apparatus for our younger participants.
New Acro Classes Beginning February 2018
Acrobatics or Acro Tumbling is a challenging, but fun and exciting class. Basic Acro students will learn headstands, forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, backbends that will lead into walking backbends, inside outs, and pony kicks, and beginning flexiblity tumbling such as chest rolls, elbow stands, and spiders. Older students will move on to partner tumbling (double cartwheels, double front rolls, double back bends, double butterflies), stronger flexibility tumbling and dancing, and larger skills moving into front and back walkovers, valdez, back and front handsprings, and aerial tricks. There will be lots of stretching and learning new dance skills, so that we may begin to put together a really exciting acro routine.