Competitive Gymnastics

Competitive Gymnastics


June is a transition month as we integrate the two clubs together to form VEGA at WISC!  Many of you have already seen some enhancements!

VEGA at WISC officially launches July 1st!

We offer National Developmental Program Levels 1-10, Xcel Levels Bronze-Diamond. Watch for info on team tryouts coming in June!

Let’s Start with the Basics

VEGA at WISC officially starts July 1st. Your current coaches are organizing training groups and Summer schedules to communicate to you soon. 

We do not anticipate anyone training at our main facility unless requested. You will still have the coaches you know and love and maybe a few more!

When we begin the transition, our main goal is to get to know your child, their abilities and get to know YOU and your family. 

Both locations will continue to train gymnastics in sync with each other all Summer and all season. 

We will compete TOGETHER as one club. Our Team Director and coaching staff will assign your competitive levels this Fall, along with the release of our season competition schedule. The competition schedule will consist of 3-8 meets depending on the level.

Your kids just gained a bunch of new teammates and some social events are in the works as well! We are a family and both locations will have many of the same amenities, communication and care as possible. 

Our coaches have been leading the way redefining the culture of competitive gymnastics. We strictly follow ‘Athlete First’ principles for the past decade in all actions and decisions. VEGA coaches are encouraging, kind, dedicated, respectful, have integrity and accountability. These are  also behavior traits expected from the athletes towards those around them in and outside of the gym.

Most of the detailed information about being a member of the VEGA Gymnastics Team is in our Handbook. We look forward to giving those out to those who intend to join VEGA next season.

What Changes to Expect

Gymnastics programs are costly to operate. Especially if you have qualified career professionals, top notch equipment, administrative support staff and enough coaches for rec and team.

Team families will see: 

  • Upgrade from foam pit to new airbag technology.
  • Full time onsite VEGA Coordinator for increased communication and assistance.
  • Competition floor and equipment repairs
  • Training hours and tuition increases
  • Access to online skill and strength tracking
  • Credentialing and continued education for coaches
  • Training clinics at both locations for coaches and athletes
  • Social events for team bonding