Recreational Gymnastics


Have you heard?  VEGA is HERE and we couldn’t be happier!  Scroll down to see their recreational class options, visit their website to learn more, OR head to the (super cool) PARENT PORTAL to register!  We can’t wait to see you in these new and improved classes!!

  • Babynastics (ages 6 months -3 years)

    Little ones will work on core strength, hand eye coordination, fine motor development, and more!  Toddlers will try obstacle courses and stations through different gymnastics events to learn the fundamentals of the sport. They will attempt some of the same things as Totnastics, just with the help of a parent. This is a great way to prepare for independent classes!

  • Totnastics (ages 2.5-3)

    Totnastics will work on beginner skills on all of the apparatus through games, stations and activities. Preschoolers love the trampoline and the foam pit! Independent from Mom and Dad, Totnastics is a great first exposure to a solo structured class. Kids will have fun all while building physical skills and confidence.

  • Kidnastics (ages 4-5)

    Kidnastics starts to focus more on skill acquisition, goal achievement and practicing teamwork. Classes are one hour and will balance fun and physical challenge. Kids work on tumbling, high beam development, dynamic vaulting and strength for bar progressions. Once the Nastics 1 card is complete, Nastics students will be eligible for the next level card.

  • Rec 1/2 (ages 6+)

    The Big Kid Program classes have higher expectations than the younger levels because they naturally have better coordination, body awareness and listening skills. Games and activities are still a part of every class. Drills, coach assistance and repetition will help them master the gymnastics fundamentals.

  • Rec 3/4 (ages 6+)

    Once a child has mastered all beginner skills, they will be invited to the Intermediate level. With a solid foundation, harder skills such as back walkovers, front handsprings and back extension rolls can be achieved. Vault, Bars and Beam training will also advance to more difficult tricks.

  • Rec 5/6 (ages 6+)

    These are our most advanced recreational classes. Students will work on harder tumbling such as front and back handsprings and full passes in addition to using the table vault, high beam tumbling and circling skills on bars.

  • Homeschool Fitness (ages 5+)

    For our Homeschool community we blend everything our gym has to offer to create a well-rounded physical education. Students will work on gymnastics, trampoline and sports performance training to develop all around strength, speed, coordination and flexibility all while having fun with their peers!

  • Tumbling Classes Levels 1-5 (ages 6+)

    This class is for gymnasts or cheerleaders or those who just want to work on tumbling skills. Tumbling classes will include a proper warm up and stretch to prepare the body to begin to drill skills for Levels 1-5. Participants will be taught a variety of drills to help the gain tumbling skills. Athletes will move on to new skills after certain skills have been perfected. Attendance is extremely important and results are cumulative. Come learn some new skills with your friends or cheer teammates.